Pentacle Goddess by Abby Willowroot

Our beautiful Pentacle Interlace Goddess Statue represents spiritual growth, encouraging the use and amplification of your powers. In one arm she is holding a crescent moon above a cascade of stars and pentacles. One side features a pentacle framed by Celtic interlaces while the other is adorned with the Triple Moon (symbolizing the three phases of the Goddess), a Celtic interlace and a steaming Witch's Cauldron (symbolizing herbal healing and magic).

Raise Power. One side contains pentacle and Celtic knot-work designs. The other side shows steaming cauldron, triple moon, and triquetra. Above, the goddess embraces and guides the crescent moon and stars. Both images invite creativity and magical energy.

Pentacle Goddess, Labyrinth Goddess, and Spiral Goddess together combine to create the ultimate Maiden, Mother, Crone triple Goddess set.

8 1/2" resin statue, white antique stone color finish.

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Pentacle Goddess

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  • CAD $48.00

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