Black salt can be used specifically to absorb and contain negativity, this is not black magick. Traditionally known as 'Witch's Salt,' a misconception that working with this substance is evil, however, this is not true, as it only depends on what the users intent is. Black Salt works wonders for hex / jinx or bad luck breaking, warding off evil or negativity/ sickness or disease, Black Salt is primarily Protective. You can use black salt by sprinkling it around your home, and doorsteps, windows or under beds to keep enemies, people with negative intent or harmful spirits away. By sprinkling Black salt under your pillow or bed you will keep nightmares at bay. Black Salt can also be used for circle casting during ritual. By laying the salt around your home, people that may mean you harm or bare negative energy with feel uncomfortable within or around the space and feel the need to suddenly leave. Salt in general hold very powerful properties as it is the one of the most purest substances on earth.H

No Dyes.

Hand blended BY ME. Not prepackaged mixes, not glitter or other nonsense. Herbal formulas that I blend on the appropriate day for planetary energy, formulas that I've devised myself. I also use stones that I know work well together with the herbs contained within. Do not be fooled by imitations and copies. You can't fake experience and decades of study.

This lovely little glass apothecary bottle holds 1.25oz of crystal blessed ritual salt, make with secret herbs and resins of protection, cauldron ash, charcoal & essential oils It is adorned with a beautiful silver Pentacle charm.

Blessed with Black Obsidian & Clove on a Full Moon.

Because salt absorbs negative energy it should only be used once. Change it out or sweep it up weekly or when the air begins to feel oppressive or un-pure. Consider where the negativity will go when discarding the salt.

-Ground it in the earth by burying it in a hidden distant place from your living or working space

-Cast in the wind in a distant place blowing away from your home or work.

-Throw into a fire along with paper where you have written all your worries and whatever else you want to be rid off.

- Cast into running water. This will disperse the energies and cleanse them. (Rivers, creeks, lakes, and oceans.)



Magickal Blessings, ~ Heidi

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Black Witches Salt

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