• Chakra Magic Healing Spray

Healing Chakra spray is a 4 ounce plastic amber spray bottle with mister. A woodsy floral blend of Jasmine, Rose, Cedarwood and Lemongrass sooths the heart chakra while strengthening it. Perfect recipe for healing. When you say, "omg, my life sucks." It's time for a heart chakra shift with a chakra magic spray and start healing your life. Healing Chakra Magic Mantra My heart is my own and only I have the power to break it or let it be broken. Instead, I protect my heart and soul. No longer do I believe the pain I feel as being my enduring truth. Life is full of experiences both uplifting and hurtful. With every breath I take, I leave the pain behind and lift my eyes up and let my heart be light.

Chakra is the Sanskrit name of the little power center that pull in and distribute the mana (energy/light) from heaven (the source of energy/light). Each chakra supports functions of the body, mind and emotions. We have seven major chakras and they are located along the spine with one more in our head and another on top of our head. Their names are, starting from the top, Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root. Our Chakra Magic candle line was created to help you open and clear your chakras and bring balance to the entire system. Doing this brings you health on all levels of your life.

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Chakra Magic Healing Spray

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