• Agrimony

Magickal Properties: acts as a deflective shield; Agrimony has also long been used to reverse spells sent against the magician ; i.e. it not only breaks hexes, it also sends them back to the hexer. It is said that this herb protects against evil entities, and even poison. It is thought when agrimony herb is aged, witches and other magical beings have this herb in both protection, exorcism, and divination. Agrimony is useful for spellwork for those who who need to explore their true feelings and to help balance the emotions applied to a situation. It is useful also as a banishing smudge or as a wash to cleanse the aura. It is especially useful in healing magic as it enhances the strength of all healing spells, especially at a distance. You could use it in a ritual bath before beginning, as a wash for your tools, in a smudge or simply decorate your alter with it.

Agrimony can be added to pillows, or placed under the pillow to ensure a deep, dreamless sleep. This is especially useful for those who are too troubled to sleep properly.

Planetary Association: Jupiter

Gender: Masculine

Elemental Association: Air

Deity Association: Lugh, Manannan Mac Lir and Danu

Astrological Association: Cancer

3" x  3" Ziploc bag

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