Love me, romance me, melt me into a puddle? Nothing does the job better than Forever Mine!

Still searching for your one true love? That romance of a life-time that brings you to your knees? Already found it, but can't seem to garner that elusive long term commitment? Then it's time to stop letting Cupid - that winged toddler with poor eyesight and even poorer aim - call the shots. Take charge of your love life and put Forever Mine to work, instead. You'll be glad you did!

Word of Mojo: Conjure me up a forever love. A human confection that fits like a glove. One who melts my heart with a single glance. Whose touch kindles the flames of romance.

Hot pink candle with a sexy spicy aroma. This 2"x4" candle burns for 40 hours.

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Forever Mine Wicked Witch Mojo Candle

  • CAD $14.95

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